At Brand Motor we have three passions: business, science, and ingenuity.

Our passion for business means we go the extra mile in finding solutions which drive profitability. Doing things right, understanding and working within your internal politics, keeping your finance director happy and, above all, being as good as our word are what we are about.

Our passion for science means that we can never get enough of the latest research. We want to see the experimental evidence behind everything. We want answers to why the rules-of-thumb work, and warnings about when they won't. We want to know why things tick, and how to make them better.

Our passion for ingenuity means that we will keep working with you until we reach the Eureka moment. We are not satisfied until you look at the result and say "now, that's amazing". Whether it's creating a one-word name for a new software service, or an entire brand and packaging specification for an 800 SKU product line, it's always our desire to press through 'good' until we reach 'astonishing'.