A strapline is a short phrase supporting a logo. It is generally omitted when the logo is reproduced at small size or when space is constrained.

The strapline may be one of:

  • A description of the product or services
  • A summary of the brand promise
  • An indicator of a key distinctive
  • A style marker for the target market
  • A key phrase from an advertising campaign
  • A legal requirement

If your target market consistently does not understand what you do, then a short phrase telling them what it is may be the strapline you need. This is often the case when a brand is first being established. In an established market, if you can summarise what your promise is, this will help customers to choose you. For example 'there's a difference at McDonald's you'll enjoy' sets out the brand promise clearly. A key distinctive may be based on values, category or style. For example, 'a family business', or 'why drive a car when you can pilot a Saab?' If the target market is highly self-aware, such as fans of a particular football club, simply referencing that is often enough. If you have been running a substantial advertising campaign, then bringing over the closing line as your strapline will help customers to identify you. Finally, there may be a legal requirement to state what kind of company you are.

Straplines are not compulsory. Unlike the logo, a strapline can be changed periodically to suit a new campaign or a change in buying patterns.