A brand diagnostic is a measurement of how your brand is performing. You will receive a seven stage report with key actions for each of:

  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Category
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Deployment

Base lines will be clearly set with quick wins and long term objectives.

Brand tuning is for brands which have begun to lose their performance. Developing product or service lines, new markets, shifts to respond to competition, the legacies of short term sales and marketing pushes — these all tend to get everything a little bit out of sync, and the result is loss of power and efficiency.

Brand tuning resynchronises your brand's three key elements:

  • Promise — what your brand is really about
  • Delivery — how you actually fulfill the promise to the customer
  • Presentation — logos, layouts, print, advertising, and all the other ways you present that promise

Brand tuning is a profit-friendly alternative to rebranding. Unless there are serious issues with your brand, tuning can substantially restore and enhance performance without incurring significant costs or business disruption.

When you want to add significant performance to your brand, are creating a new business or launching a major new line, brand engineering takes you through the whole process from constructing the promise to final specification ready for deployment.

Brand engineering is for businesses who are serious about their brand, and recognise that they need specialist knowledge to make the process efficient and effective.